About the WIRE

The WIRE is an online portal that centralizes timely data and information in workforce development and closely-related fields for frontline providers, advocates, policy makers and other workforce development stakeholders in Chicago and Illinois. The WIRE staff strives to equip this audience with practical resources to support the work of ensuring disadvantaged job seekers and low wage workers access to employment and career advancement opportunities.

The Chicago Jobs Council (CJC) launched the WIRE in 2007 recognizing that there is a wealth of existing data and research related to the field of workforce development that is largely inaccessible. Too often this information is fragmented, narrowly distributed and time-consuming to obtain and digest. The WIRE addresses these issues by collecting, distilling and centralizing information that is relevant and valuable to the day-to-day work of workforce development professionals. Additionally, the WIRE generates original resource products specifically designed for and informed by the local stakeholder community.

As an information portal, the WIRE is a dynamic resource. It is updated often with new data, features and on-going improvements based on the feedback of users. Contact Maya Robbins, Communications and Research Assistant, at 312-252-0460  ext. 311 or maya@cjc.net with any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding the WIRE.