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Adding a New Organization

1) Access CJC's Records Management ApplicationCJC's Record Management System
2) If you have not done so already, create an account by filling out the registration form on the right. You will have to confirm your email address before logging into the application.
3) Your account may or may not be already associated with an organization.
If the organization you would like to submit to the directory isn't listed under Your Organizations, click on the Add Organization button. Once you add the organization, an administrator will have to approve the new organization. You will be notified once they do this, at which point you can log back in and continue with Step 4.
4) If your organization is listed under Your Organizations, click on the Update Organization's Record button for that organization.Update Organization Link
5) Make sure the name, AKA, web site, and default location's fields are all correct. If you have any additional sites, add those by clicking on the Add Location button. On the right side, choose that you would like to include this organization in the Provider Directory. Choose organization type (non-profit, for-profit, public) and who we should contact for future inquiries. Optionally, you may also type in a short description of your organization and its services.Update FieldsManage Locations
6) Before you click Submit Changes for Approval, be sure to update the classifications below. Populations Served, Services Provided, and Community Areas are all used in the Provider Directory. Options that are highlighted are waiting for administrator approval (green is for additions, red is for deletions).Update Classifications
7) Once you are ready, click Submit Changes for Approval. After an administrator approves the changes, the organization will either appear or be updated in the directory within 24 hours.Submit Changes